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A journalist and social media guru, Eileen Doñiego de France, is my very first model for this blog. With her busy schedule, the key to her outfits are easy to transition from day to night. 

I absolutely love this outfit she put together. So casual, yet playful with the metallic blue, and mesh combination. 

Stay tuned for more of her outfits, this week! Also, special thanks to Josh Yu, for his amazing photography. Check out his stuff here.

The photo to the bottom right was my absolute favorite of my friend EYEMUSING

IF you haven’t heard yet check out my roomie’s new fashion blog: Twisted-Threads 

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As many of my friends know, I have been involved with a convention in San Diego called Anime Conji. I will be the first to tell you: my knowledge of anime is very limited. Aside from watching Sailor Moon and a few other ‘toons as a child, any anime I have watched in my adulthood has been limited to Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli Films and whatever my little brother or friends are watching and I happen to be in the room. So why Anime Conji?

For one, I have a lot of friends who have been involved with the convention (Note: for many of us, this was our last Conji). I like my friends, so I’m going to hangout w/them. For two, the fashion. Yes - fashion is present at Anime Conji. Not everyone is dressed up as a character, and those who choose to dress up in an avant garde style, steam punk, or Lolita - will let you know this. And what makes this fashion is that a lot of it is handmade or vintage. The true meaning of couture? Dressmaking. Anyone who dismisses these fashion enthusiasts and lumps them under an Otaku label should be shamed. Where do you think the Betsey Johnsons and Mulleavy Sisters (Rodarte) of the world get their inspirations?

Anyway, despite whatever discrepancies I had w/the con this past weekend, I was quite excited to see my friend Christine of SD Lolitas. I hadn’t seen this woman in FOREVER and I am in total love w/her style. It saddens me that I no longer dress as fabulously as she (once upon a time I dabbled in a little Lolita and have since sold my clothing to shops such as Buffalo Exchange). My style these days are of the punk and minimalist hipster variety (or yuppie stylista for the days I have important meetings) - styles that I find more fitting for the current lifestyle that I live. But oh how I long to have more pieces to add to my collection that would add a little oomph to my otherwise “Tumblr Norm” uniform.

Talking to Christine and taking photos of she and her friend Jess (I also took photos of the rest of SD Lolitas - sadly the photos didn’t turn out so great), I realized that I can get back into the way of dressing fabulously. Maybe I won’t dive headfirst into Lolita fashion, but I will definitely be looking out for more statement items to add some whimsy to my current wardrobe. And yes, I will go beyond the Mickey/Minnie Ears thing (but that is my thing and has been for years - make no mistake about it).

NOTE: The photos of Christine I have uploaded are not in the Lolita style. Lolita Fashion has more of a Victorian/Rococo look to it. Think petticoats, blouses, ruffles, stockings, and hand stitching. Her friend Jess is wearing more of the style. Christine is wearing what she simply refers to as “fashion.”

For added measure, I have uploaded the night outfits my friend and I wore that weekend. As you can see, our style sways a little more towards mixing and matching basics. But kudos to Farah pulling off the dress I let her borrow! Despite our difference in height/size - I knew she’d fit into the dress, and I knew it would look cute on her!

PS Please excuse my photography - I’m getting used to the camera still!

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